Remington Solar 110V Hybrid-Solar Adapter – Only Attic Fans – Allows your Attic Vent Fan to Run at Night, Automatically


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  • Only for use in ‘Remington Solar” brand attic fans!
  • Your Remington Solar will use the solar panel if the sun is up, when the sun goes down and if your attic is still over 80°F, then the adapter will switch to your house power!
  • “Plug-and-play” adapter for All “Remington Solar” Brand Attic Fans!
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee & 12 month warranty!
  • Simple, common-sense solution to evening ventilation… Also ideal for long periods of overcast skies!

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Now your Remington Solar fan can tap your 110-Volt AC power in your attic during the evening if your attic temperatures are still over 80°F!

While the Remington Solar attic fans are very effective at lowering daytime attic temperatures, warmer climates can still have hot attics into the evening. 

Using this plug-and-play adapter, your Remington Solar attic fan will first use solar if the sun is out, then automatically switch to house power if the temperature is still over 80°F!

Most solar fans “claim” to have a 110v inverter to run the fan at night… except YOU have to climb up and MANUALLY switch the fan!

Remington Solar has solved that issue with the 110v Hybrid Adapter. It AUTOMATICALLY detects low power from your panel, while checking the temperature of your attic to determine if it should run on house power!

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